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Appomattox Surrender “Silent Witness” Doll”

 Appomattox Surrender “Silent Witness” Doll”
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Appomattox Surrender “Silent Witness” Doll”

On April 9, 1865 seven-year-old Lula McLean left her beloved little rag doll perched on a horsehair sofa in her family parlor. Known as the "Silent Witness to the Surrender," Lula's doll sat through the surrender of General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. When the surrender ceremony ended, Captain Thomas W.C. Moore kept the doll as a "war trophy." Poor Lula never saw her little rag doll again. In 1992, the doll was donated to Appomattox Courthouse and became the basis for this modern version, which is handmade in Gettysburg, PA and the only officially approved source. The replica doll is approximately 14” tall (the dress color will vary).

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