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“The Faces of Gettysburg” poster

“The Faces of Gettysburg” poster
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The Faces of Gettysburg

 The 12" x 16" poster depicts lower-ranking officers and enlisted men who fought (and several who died) at the Battle of Gettysburg and who are actually depicted on their regimental (or their own) monument:

Major William Wells, 1st Vermont Cavalry Regiment
Lieutenant Stephen F. Brown, 13th Vermont Infantry Regiment
Lieutenant Edward M. Knox, 15th New York Independent Artillery 
Lieutenant Harry W. Mitchell, 84th New York (14th Brooklyn) Infantry Regiment
Sergeant Benjamin H. Crippen, 143rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Sergeant Roland B. Morris, 13th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment

Sergeant Heinrich Michel, 54th New York Infantry Regiment

Father William E. Corby, 88th New York Infantry Regiment

Private Matthew Spence, 23rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Private Samuel W. Hill, 155th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Private Joseph H. Lindemuth, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment

Private George W. Ferree, 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment


(photos by Jackie Bailey)

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