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Anderson Enters the Wheatfield

Anderson Enters the Wheatfield
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Anderson Enters the Wheatfield:


Anderson Enters the Wheatfield
Gettysburg - July 2, 1863

General George T. Anderson’s Brigade was the last of Hood’s Division to attack on July 2. After initially suffering losses from Union artillery crossing the Emmitsburg Road and the open fields nearby, the five Georgia regiments moved through Rose’s Woods until making contact with Union forces. For almost an hour, they fought with elements of four Union brigades without breaking clear of the woods. Finally pulling back to regroup, they joined with Semmes’ and Kershaw’s Brigades in clearing the Union troops off the Stony Hill and out of the Wheatfield.
The diograph shows the 11th and 8th Georgia Infantry Regiments finally moving across the Wheatfield after the one and a half hour struggle to make it out of Rose’s Woods. The 17th Maine Infantry Regiment, now out of ammunition, has given Winslow’s Battery time to withdraw and now itself cedes the field it had held so dearly. At this point, the Southerners have no way of knowing that the first of General William Caldwell’s four Union brigades was lining up just over the crest of the field ready to commence another one of the Wheatfield’s six changes of possession for that day.

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