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1st Texas in the Triangular Field

1st Texas in the Triangular Field
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1st Texas in the Triangular Field :


1st Texas in the Triangular Field 
Gettysburg July 2, 1863

The 1st Texas Infantry Regiment had already compiled a distinguished record before reaching Gettysburg. First commanded by then-Colonel John Bell Hood, the regiment had collected battle honors at Gaines’ Mill and 2nd Manassas. On July 2nd, 1863, the 1st Texas was now commanded by Colonel Philip Work and was part of Robertson’s Brigade alongside the 4th and 5th Texas as well as the 3rd Arkansas. As the Texans waited on Warfield Ridge, it became clear they would be heading directly at Smith’s 4th New York Battery located near Devil’s Den. As the Texans moved forward, the 3rd Arkansas moved left into Rose’s Woods and the 4th and 5th Texas veered right toward Big Round Top. Now isolated, the 1st Texas reached the valley with Smith’s Battery unable to depress their barrels low enough to fire on the regiment. The Texans found cover and waited behind a stone wall at the base of the Triangular Field. A few minutes later, contact was made with the 3rd Arkansas and the Texans moved over the wall to overrun the artillery position. In this diograph, we see the Texans at the wall. In the left background is Rose’s Woods and at the top of the hill, Smith’s artillerymen are leaving their guns to the protection of a few skirmishers from the 4th Maine Infantry Regiment. Unseen behind the crest is the 124th New York Infantry Regiment, which will momentarily engage the 1st Texas in a memorable clash.

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