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Vincent’s Challenge

 Vincent’s Challenge
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Vincent’s Challenge :


Vincent’s Challenge 
Gettysburg - July 2, 1863

Like many of the Southern brigade commanders, Strong Vincent was a lawyer prior to the war.  Educated at Harvard, he returned to his native Erie, Pennsylvania in 1859. Joining the army as a private in 1861, he rose to colonel of the 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment and then brigade commander. At Gettysburg, Vincent’s Brigade was part of General Barnes’ Division of the 5th Corps. In the mid afternoon of July 2, 1863, the 5th Corps was moving to the Union left. Somewhere near the Wheatfield, a courier from General Sykes approached looking for General Barnes. Sykes was requesting a brigade to move to Little Round Top. Vincent perceived the necessity and without direct orders turned his brigade toward the partially cleared hill. Vincent laid out a line on the military crest (about three-quarters of the way up the hill) running from a spur on the south wooded side to about halfway across the clearer westerly side of the rocky eminence. From left to right, Vincent’s regiments included the 20th Maine, the 83rd Pennsylvania, the 44th New York, and the 16th Michigan. Skirmishers were sent out and almost immediately returned, signaling that the Confederate forces were already pushing through the woods on the lower shoulder of Big Round Top. 
The scene shown in the diograph shows portions of the 44th New York and the 16th Michigan being attacked by the 4th and 5th Texas Infantry Regiments. Below, the battle for Devil’s Den is reaching its conclusion. Benning’s 17th Georgia Infantry Regiment and Law’s 48th Alabama Infantry Regiment are pushing back the 40th New York Infantry Regiment and the 99th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. While rallying his troops, Colonel Vincent was mortally wounded and died five days later after being promoted to general.

10” x 20” signed limited edition print (100) with certificate of authenticity

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