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The Slaughter Pen

The Slaughter Pen
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The Slaughter Pen:


The Slaughter Pen 
July 2, 1863

Just to the east and south of the Devil’s Den, Plum Run descends through area covered with small boulders. As Hood’s Division attacked on July 2, the left flank of the Union Army initially sat upon the rocks of Devil’s Den. The shortest path around that flank led directly up Plum Run through a gorge. Two Alabama infantry regiments, the 44th and 48th, headed in that direction while the rest of Law’s Brigade filtered through the woods towards Little Round Top. First to arrive, the 44th Alabama was physically split by the rocks of Devil’s Den. Their left moved up the south end of Houck’s Ridge and the right under Lt. Colonel John Jones was forced into moon-like terrain between Devil’s Den and the Round Top woods, where they confronted the 4th Maine Infantry Regiment. 
Here in this diograph, we see in the foreground Jones’ detachment of the 44th Alabama as they reach the top of the gorge. Off to the left, soldiers of Company F of the 4th Maine harass the Alabamans from the rocks of Devil’s Den (they would shortly be captured by the remainder of the 44th). The rest of the 4th Maine stands astride Plum Rum but are threatened by the 48th Alabama, which has just erupted out of the woods to the right. In the background, the 4th and 5th Texas Infantry Regiments are making their initial attack on Colonel Vincent’s Brigade on the slopes of Little Round Top.

 12” x 36” signed limited edition print(100) with certificate of authenticity

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