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Rose Barn Loft

Rose Barn Loft
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Rose Barn Loft:


Rose Barn Loft 
Gettysburg - July 2, 1863

George Rose owned a large farm located on the eastern side of the Emmitsburg Road about two miles south of Gettysburg. The Rose farm was centered on a large stone barn built in 1824. From ground to peak, the barn rose more than 30 feet above the surrounding terrain. On July 2, 1863, General Joseph Kershaw’s Brigade of nearly 2,200 South Carolinians stepped out from the woods on Warfield Ridge and headed toward the Rose farmstead and a small stony hill behind it. After taking losses from the Union batteries along Wheatfield Road while crossing the fields on the west side of the Emmitsburg Road, the brigade’s left wing passed below the line of sight line of the Union artillery into a swale north of the Rose barn. Kershaw’s left three regiments then wheeled up the hill toward the Union position at the Peach Orchard and along Wheatfield Road.  Here we see the scene as it appeared from the loft of the Rose barn. In the left background is the Emmitsburg Road and respectively, the 8th South Carolina Infantry Regiment, the 3rd South Carolina Infantry Battalion and the 2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment. Skirmishers from the 3rd Maine Infantry Regiment are pulling back into the Peach Orchard. The Wentz house and barn at the corner of Wheatfield Road and the Emmitsburg Road is also visible with the Sherfy, Spangler and Klingle Barns further to the North.

12” x 30” signed limited edition print(100) with certificate of authenticity

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