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Georgia Tide

Georgia Tide
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Georgia Tide:


Georgia Tide 
Gettysburg - July 2, 1863

General Henry Benning, a native of Columbus, Georgia was a state legislator and Supreme Court judge.  After organizing and commanding the 17th Georgia Infantry Regiment, Benning assumed command of his brigade in April of 1863. In the late afternoon of July 2, 1863, his four regiments (the 2nd, 15th, 17th and 20th Georgia) were arranged lined up for battle on Warfield Ridge. Initially, Benning’s Georgians were to have followed General Evander’s Law’s Brigade northeasterly toward the suspected Union line. However, harassed by skirmishers, Law’s Brigade veered to their right toward the Round Tops. When the time came for Benning’s troops to advance, Law’s Brigade was out of sight. Benning moved his brigade toward a “mountain” (Devil’s Den) directly ahead that held a Union battery, Captain Smith’s 4th New York Battery. Here we see the 20th Georgia Infantry Regiment moving up the Triangular Field toward the 124th New York Infantry Regiment, with the 17th Georgia Infantry Regiment on their right and moving toward Devil’s Den and the Slaughter Pen over the small rise now known as Benning’s Knoll.

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