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Bradley Schmehl


About the Artist:

Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, Bradley Schmehl graduated from the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design, Lancaster, in 1984. He is a Student Founder of that institution and taught there as an Adjunct Instructor of Book Illustration for five years during the mid 1990s has been an honorary board member of the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association. Brad has been focusing almost exclusively on Civil War subjects since 1995, and his works can be seen in 300 galleries in the United States alone. Bradley Schmehl's artwork in the “Military History” genre continues to earn him a growing and enthusiastic following across the nation. His paintings and prints reside in numerous private, corporate and government collections such as: the U.S. Capitol; the Pentagon; Exelon Corporation; the Rand Corporation; the U.S. Army War College; the Command and General Staff College in Leavenworth, Kansas; and the Delaware State Capitol. In addition, his work has been reproduced in numerous books, magazines and videos dealing with military history. Bradley is branching out into the Cowboy, Indian, and Modern Military genres as well as a variety of historical subjects but is open to all subjects he finds of interest to paint. Although Bradley is self-published, a number of his Civil War prints were published by Somerset House Publishing.

About the Art:

Bradley Schmehl usually starts with a rough pencil sketch, mostly done on location, then engages his models to pose as the various characters in the image and photographs them. Once Schmehl is satisfied that his concept is historically accurate, he commences creating his painting. Working in oil on canvas, the artist creates a rough under-painting. After drying, he over-paints the details and refines his brushwork. Schmehl describes his technique as “painterly realism.” “I strive to capture the true nature of the light, the color, but I make no effort to disguise the brushstrokes. Even while attempting to render meticulous detail, I strive to paint boldly and deliberately.”

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